The Giant Cookie Company is based in Whittlesey, Near Peterbough, Cambridgeshire, where delicious Giant cookie, cupcakes, cookie are made daily for all dietry requirements. Every Giant Cookie is prepared by hand then baked and the iced, decorated according to the customers specifed theme .

Contact us

If you would like to discuss your Giant Cookie or Cupcakes before ordering or have any questions regarding any step of the ordering process please contact us on 07785926651 or email us.


For Giant Cookie or Cookie Cupcake (with themed requirements) that you gives us 1 days notice in order to prepare them. The Giant Cookie Company currently delivers free to Eastrea / Whittlesey area. The Giant Cookie Company charges £5 delivery surcharge for outside the Eastrea/ Whittlesey area.


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Our  Prices are as follows: Giant Cookies £9 each, 6 small cookies £3.50, 6 cupcake cookies £4.50. You Choose your own icing and personalised message. We can deliver within the Whittlesey/Eastrea & Coates area free of charge. The Giant Cookie Company currently accept payment in the form of cash or debit card .



The Giant Cookie Company has been awarded a food hygiene rating of 5  by the Food Standards Agency and Local Authority.

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